January 2015 Net Worth

It’s definitely nerve wracking displaying my Net Worth for anyone to see. I’ve always kept an eye on my finances, but never discussed them with anyone. Even my closest friends and family don’t know how much I make/save. Luckily I’ve been using the iBank software going on two years now, so retrieving this information is pretty straight forward.

Seeing as this is my first Net Worth post, I’m sure the formatting will change as we progress. Any feedback on readability or additional information you would like to see would be appreciated.

January 2015 Net Worth

Note: Pre-January 2015, I have no information since I wasn’t tracking Net Worth. I’m sure I could dig something up, but who knows how accurate that would be. And besides, I think that is a good starting point since it is right after I purchased my first house. 

As you may notice, there is $0.00 going towards “Retirement Contributions”. This is because my company would not allow me to begin contributing until the start of the new year (I began in May 2014). And to be honest, I wasn’t comfortable contributing much to this because I had just purchased my home and knew there would be several other large purchases coming – furniture, washer/drier, etc. However, looking back I can see that I should have been able to contribute at least enough to get the company match – which everyone should do ASAP. After all, it’s free money!

The fact that I am writing this from two years in the future makes it hard to comment on this, but I think the amount I spent this month on eating out and entertainment was a bit much (SPOILER – this bad habit will continue for some time). When I began my job – I was coming from a college budget. My mindset was I would eat lunch with the crew from work to socialize for a few months, then go back to bringing lunches to save money. After all, I had been eating PB&Js and Ramen without issue for some time. How naive it was to think this would happen.

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