April 2015 Net Worth: Thank You Overtime

April set my net worth back on track. Despite having to pay twice mortgage (due to a missed payment) and my bi-annual car insurance coming due, I still managed to bring my savings rate back to 30%. This is mostly due to overtime. april-2015-net-worth

This month, I traveled to Germany for 3.5 weeks to work on a cruise ship while it was in dry dock. This turned out to be one of the most time-intensive, stressful jobs I worked to date. On average, I worked almost 19 hours a day for the full 3.5 weeks. But guess what, that means overtime baby! Looking back now (over a year later) I regret working so intensely and not taking advantage of the opportunity overseas. That’s the lesson I learned from this trip.

But back to the net worth.

Necessary expenses increased this month, that’s due to missing a $885 mortgage payment in March (it was paid only a couple of days late!) and a $777 car insurance payment.

To be honest I have no idea what the medical bill was. Apparently I spent $120 at Walgreens – and need to keep better notes.

Salary was up $1416 due to overtime as mentioned before. Unfortunately taxes took a big chunk of this as well.

So how is your net worth stacking up? I hope you’re getting that savings rate up and making the most of your budget!

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