Mundane May 2015 Net Worth

May 2015 was an uneventful month as far as the net worth tracking goes. I’m really just getting back on track from working out of town for most of April.

Minor notes on an uneventful Net Worth

I kept decent notes on the Medical bills this month. $49.57 went to the dermatologist – I think this was my final check up after using Acutane.¬†I’m not getting any sort of payment for this, but I would fully recommend Acutane for anyone who has gone through the rigors of acne treatment with no results. Acne does a number on a person’s self esteem (or at least it did to me). But that’s beside the point, another $173.25 went to an eye checkup and contacts – acne and glasses, what a combo!

Salary decreased ever so slightly because I was still working some overtime during the month.

All-in-all May was still a good month for net worth. It increased to 57.1%! Even if the rest of the accounting appears boring. I guess it goes to show how small changes make a large impact. How was May for you guys?

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