IMG_3796Get up. Go to work. Go home. Sleep. Rinse. Repeat until the weekend. 

This can’t be all this life is about. Like most people, I was excited to begin my career – to join the workforce and be self-sufficient. But where is the fulfillment in that cycle? Can it really be called self-sufficiency if you are dependent on the income from your job and your work hours dictate the majority of your life? 

Personally, I’m not ok with this. I’ve decided to work for my freedom from this cycle. This doesn’t mean I won’t work. Financial Independence means the freedom to CHOOSE how to spend your time. If you want to work, you can do that. If you want to sip margaritas on a beach in Mexico, you can do that. So long as you become truly self-sufficient (financially independent) you can do whatever it is that interests you at the time.

Cents of Knowledge is about my journey to self-sufficiency and financial independence. This blog will catalog my finances so that you can follow how I am attempting to reach this goal. Feel free to criticize or encourage me (hopefully the latter) and in turn I hope to encourage others to attempt this goal – to give themselves the choice on how you live your life. 

You can read about how I got started and my background here: About Me

Each month, I plan to release my net worth broken down into income/expense categories along with the general trend of where I’m headed. This will tell myself and my readers if I’m headed in the right direction – and if I am moving there quick enough.